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(Note: PDF is based upon latest iTunes version and does not exactly match Internet copy) Jehovah Has Become King

An appreciative listener took it upon himself to divide the chapters into sections for better navigating if burned to a CD. Files have had the audio volumes equalized too.

Chapter 1 – The TruthPageLines- D-1TheTruthcopy2.jpg

Truth-part 1     truth-part2     truth-part3     truth-part4     In the valley plain of megiddo     Truth-part6     truth-part7

Chapter 2 – The Gentile Times

PageLines- C-2-Gentile-Timesthumb.jpg

The Gentile Times     Gentile-times2     Gentile-times3     Gentile-times4

Chapter 3 – The Harvest

PageLines- D-3Harvestthumb.jpg

The Harvest     Harvest-part2     Harvest-part3     Harvest-part4     The harvest of the earth is thoroughly ripe     The kingdom of the heavens is like a dragnet

Chapter 4 – The Judgment


The Judgment     Judgment-part2     I shall smelt away your scummy dross     Who is the faithful and discreet slave

Chapter 5 – The Parousia

PageLines- D-5-Parousia-thumb.jpg

The Parousia     Parousia, epiphaneia and apokalypsis     And he was transfigured before them     As if to one born prematurely     Until the day of Jesus Christ   His face was as an angels face     The righteous ones will shine as brightly as the sun

Chapter 6 – The Sign

PageLines- D-6-The-Sign-thumb.jpg

The Sign     The generation that will not pass away     People will deliver you up     Many will be stumbled

Chapter 7 – The Tempest

PageLines- D-7-The-Tempest-thumb.jpg

33.The Tempest     34.a geat tempest itself will be roused up     35.a thunderous storm of flooding waters     36. part 4 mp3

Chapter 8 – Who Is Blind?

PageLines- D-8-Who-is-Blind-thumb.jpg

37.Who is blind     38.He has covered your heads, the visionaries     39.who is blind     40.My own idol has done them

Chapter 9 – Spiritual Paradise

spiritual paradise

41.Spiritual paradise     42.Pedophiles and con artists in spiritual paradise     43.What is spiritual paradise

Chapter 10 – Man of Lawlessnesss

Satan lurking behind a man

44.Man of lawlessness     45.The apostasy comes first     46.The son of destruction     47.The implements of a useless shepherd     48.According to the operation of satan     49.To mislead, if possible, even the chosen ones

Chapter 11 – Strange Bedfellows

PageLines- D-11-Strange-Bedfellows-copy-2.jpg

50.Strange bedfellows     51.It became necessary to register as an NGO     52.NGO’s have been partners of DPI since…1947     53.Agreed to meet criteria for association     54.A blasphemous counterfeit     55.What is happening at the united nations     56.Fifty years of frustrated efforts     57.The international year of…     58.A view from the 29th floor     59.A mission to Africa     60.Friendship with the world is enmity with God

Chapter 12 – Collapse of the Watchtower

Crash of the Watchtower

61.Collapse of the Watchtower     62.Settling the issues raised in eden    63.Your grand instructor will no longer hide     64.Woe to the stubborn sons     65.A swelling out in a highly raised wall

Chapter 13 – King of the North

PageLines- D-13-King-of-Norththumb.jpg

66.King of the North Pt.1     67.By Means of a Little Nation     68.An Exceedingly Great Military Force     69.Partly of Iron Partly of Molded Clay     70.They Will Scheme Out Schemes Against Him     71. And his heart will be against the covenant     72.Those leaving the holy covenant     73.Hurl denunciations against the holy covenant    74.He will lead into apostasy     75.The people who are knowing their God      76.And in the time of the end…a pushing

Chapter 14 – Downfall of America

PageLines- D-14-Downfall-of-America-copy-2.jpg

77.Downfall of America     78.No other tree in the garden of God     79.Tyrants of the nations will cut it down     80.Its foundations are torn down     81.The princes of Zoan have acted foolishly     82.The city of tearing down will one city be called

Chapter 15 – London – Satan’s Throne

London - Satan's throne

83.London-Satans throne     84.The tradeswoman for the peoples     85.The bestower of crowns     86.Because of the injustice of your sales goods     87.Sudden terrors are what i shall make you

 Chapter 16 – An Eighth King

PageLines- D-16-An-Eighth-King-copy.jpg

88.An eighth king     89.The wild beast that ascends out of the abyss     90. Eighth king pt3     91.And its number is six hundred and sixty six

Chapter 17 – Habakkuk

D-17 Habakkuk copy

92.Habakkuk     93.O Jehovah for a judgement you have set it     94.This its power is due its God     95.In order to take possession of residences     96.Does he have to kill nations constantly

Chapter 18 – Joel

locust of Joel

97.Joel     98.Wake up you drunkards and weep and howl     99.And ministers of Jehovah have mourned     100.Sun and moon themselves have become dark     101.The northerner i shall put far away from you     102.And for my people they kept casting lots

Chapter 19 – Jeremiah

PageLines- D-19-Jeremiah-copy.jpg

103.Jeremiah    104. Jeremiah part 2     105.No calamity will come upon you people     106. Jeremiah part4     107.The sword the famine and the pestilence     108.I will conclude… a new covenant

Chapter 20 – Amos

PageLines- D-20-Amos-and-Obadiah-copy.jpg

109.Amos-Obadiah     110.My people in the day of their disaster     111.A famine, not for bread…     112. Amos part4     113. Amos part5     114.The ones who have turned aside poor people     115.Lying down on couches of ivory     116.Woe to those craving the day of Jehovah     117.Jehovah will not do a single thing unless…     118.The booth of David that is fallen down

Chapter 21 – Micah

PageLines- D-21-Micah-thumb.jpg

119.Micah     120.Woe to those scheming what is harmful     121.My own people…rise up as an outright enemy     122.Like flesh in the midst of a cooking pot     123.And the wrecking work is painful   124.The mountain of the house of Jehovah     125.Deliverance from the Assyrian     126.The rest of his brothers will return

Chapter 22 – Hosea

D-22 Hosea copy

127.Hosea     128.The calf idol of Bethaven      129.Those falling away have gone deep down     130.As in the days of Gibeah     131.Lawsuits spring up like poisonous weeds     132.To Assyria they have gone     133.Like a bear that has lost its cubs

Chapter 23 – Zephaniah


134.Zephaniah     135.Holding fast the teaching of Balaam     136.You tolerate that woman jezebel     136.You tolerate that woman jezebel     137.Men who are congealing upon their dregs     138.There a mighty man is letting out a cry     139.O nation not paling in shame     140.Her priests profaned what was holy     141.The change to a pure language

Chapter 24 – Daniel

D-24 Daniel copy

142.Daniel     143.Ten times better than all the magic practicing priests     144.A god who is a revealer of secrets     145.Thrown into the fiery furnace     146.Chop the tree down and cut off its boughs     147.O Daniel, you very desirable man     148.The prince of the royal realm of Persia     149.A king fierce in countenance     150.Understanding ambiguous sayings     151.But not by his own power     152.He will bring mighty ones to ruin     153.He will cause deception to succeed

Chapter 25 – Revelation

PageLines- D-25-Revelation-thumb.jpg

154.Revelation      155.Do not harm the earth the sea or the trees    156. Rev part3     157.And the fifth angel blew his trumpet     158. Rev part5     159.When they have finished their witnessing     160.And they went up into heaven in a cloud     161.And seven thousand persons were killed by the earthquake     162.Its tail drags a third of the stars     163.The anger of God is brought to a finish     164.Get out of her, my people      165. Revelation conclusion


PageLines- D-26-Epilogue-thumb.jpg

166.Epilogue     167.     168.     168.     169.     170.     171.     172.     173.Psalm 46